Elevate your mind, conquer your day

From Sunrise to Sunset

We couldn’t find any great-tasting, functional drinks that fit our busy lifestyle so we quit our corporate jobs and started selling our home-crafted drinks at local farmer’s markets - now we’re sharing our drinks with you. We believe a better drink results in a better you. Being foodies ourselves, our mission is to make functional beverages accessible AND delicious so you can live life to the fullest… from sunrise to sunset.

All natural. No BS.

our home-crafted blend of functional adaptogens


for endurance

Lion’s mane

for focus


for energy

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for recovery


for immunity


for gut health

Enjoy your days again

Take it on the go
Treat your taste buds
Feel good all day

Fuel your vibes without the jitters

Grab a sample pack, pick your favorite
Subscribe to the flavor of your choice
Get the energy and focus to get through your day

Live like you give a damn

We make it easy to care about what you put in your body. Our drinks are grab-n-go, so even an unexpected morning tantrum (kid or adult, we won’t tell) won’t throw your day off.